Publications 2018

Haas, A., Hensel, M., Luhrmann, A., Rudel, T., Saftig, P., and Schaible, U.E. (2018). Intracellular compartments of pathogens: Highways to hell or stairways to heaven? Int J Med Microbiol 308, 1-2.

Namakchian, M., Kassler, K., Sticht, H., Hensel, M., and Deiwick, J. (2018). Structure-based functional analysis of effector protein SifA in living cells reveals motifs important for Salmonella intracellular proliferation. Int J Med Microbiol 308, 84-96.

Sprenger, M., Kasper, L., Hensel, M., and Hube, B. (2018). Metabolic adaptation of intracellular bacteria and fungi to macrophages. Int J Med Microbiol 308, 215-227.

Zhang, K., Riba, A., Nietschke, M., Torow, N., Repnik, U., Putz, A., Fulde, M., Dupont, A., Hensel, M., and Hornef, M. (2018). Minimal SPI1-T3SS effector requirement for Salmonella enterocyte invasion and intracellular proliferation in vivo. PLoS Pathog 14, e1006925.
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