26 April 2018

TwinTweezers:  Optical tweezers to investigate biological interactions on a molecular level.

Ionovation GmbH and the Division of Microbiology at the University of Osnabrück University established a joint development of a novel dual trap optical tweezers system with video-based force detection which is funded by the development bank of the federal state of Lower Saxony - NBank.

The TwinTweezers system will allow to quantitatively measure molecular forces during interactions between two living cells and between cells and bacteria. Capable to individually trap, navigate and manipulate living biological specimens, this tweezers system gives deeper insights into several microbiological functions covering:

- Infection biology:
the interaction of pathogenic bacteria (e.g. Salmonella enterica) with epithelial cells

- Tumor biology:
force measurements of cell migration in a 3D cell matrix

- Cell biology:
controlling membrane compartments to investigate their transport in mammalian cells

- Immunology:
interaction of dendritic cells and T-cells as well as the formation of immunological synapses as a result of adaptive immune response

To improve the measurements with living cells performed with the TwinTweezers system, a temperature controlled sample chamber and seamless integration of fluorescence excitation will be included into the instrument.

Image "TwinTweezer-Logos.png"

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