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Salmonella as carrier

Salmonella enterica is an important pathogen of animals and humans causing a variety of infectious diseases. The large number of cases of typhoid fever due to S. enterica  serovar Typhi infections gives rise to the continuous need for improved vaccines against this life-threatening infection. However, S. enterica is also an interesting organism to act as a live attenuated carrier for the presentation of recombinant heterologous antigens. Comprehensive experimental studies have been performed and a detailed knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of important virulence factors is available. This allows the rational design of improved
Salmonella carrier strains and the development of novel strategies for the expression and presentation of recombinant antigens.
We use the SPI2-encoded T3SS and promoters of SPI2-T3SS effector proteins to construct Salmonella strains that translocate heterologous recombinant antigens for presentation by antigen-presenting cells such as dendritic cells. This strategy allowed the efficient induction of protective immune responses against pathogens as well as anti-tumor immunity.

We aim to

  • optimize the safety of attenuated Salmonella carrier strains
  • find optimized combinations of effector proteins and intracellular activated promoters of highly efficient stimulation of immune responses
  • develop new strategies to utilize Salmonella for therapeutic anti-cancer therapy


The project is currently funded by the DAAD through a PhD fellowship


  • Prof. Dr. Leonid Metelitsa, Baylor College, Houston, Texas, USA
  • Dr. Mohamed Husseiny, City of Hope, Duarte, California, USA

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